Distribution and production of food


Almost 20 years of experience in the FMCG market is a base of making effective decisions and sustainable results.

Confident distribution is the pride of «Dobrada». The company's product portfolio is represented by 120 brands. Currently we cooperate with such international brands as: «HARIBO», «Globus», «Олейна», «Avokado», «Kucharek», «Торчин», «Фрутоняня», «Maretti» and others.

The distribution of our company covers the whole territory of the Belarusian market by chain of branches and representative offices in regional and district centers. An active client base has more than 5 000 clients.
We are opened to cooperation and always try to do it long-term and mutually beneficial.

Reliability, commitment and constantly increasing level of service – that’s something that you can always count on!

Our partners (retail)



Years of experience in the «HoReCa» segment (catering) let us stand out from our competitors: 

  • special range of products for HoReCa;
  • regularity and precision of supplies;
  • highly skilled trade staff.

The active client base consists of more than 1 000 customers, including:

  • Bistro «Lido»;
  • Café Pizzeria «Pizza Terra»;
  • Hotel «Europe»;
  • Hotel «Minsk»;
  • «President-Hotel»;
  • Restaurant «Друзья»;
  • Cafe «Гараж»;
  • Restaurant «Журавинка»
  • Restaurant «Гостиный двор»;
  • Cafe-bakery «Buvette»;
  • Restaurant «Папараць Кветка»;
  • Restaurant «Эридан»;
  • Restaurant «Сябры »;
  • Cafe «Березка»;
  • Club «Белатра»;
  • Restaurant «Cocны»;
  • Restaurant «Дрожжи Юнайтед».

Our partners (HoReCa)


Food from around the world


«Dobrada» company is pleased to offer you the service of merchandising in Minsk and throughout Republic of Belarus. We will help you to develop and implement a set of measures that can be used to stimulate sales of your products. Years of experience in FMCG market make us an expert in such questions as how to attract attention of end-consumer to specific brands and types of products using the most advantageous placement of goods in shop’s shelves. As a result, it always leads to an increasing sales  and respectively to an increase in your profits.

Working with us you will surely appreciate the following advantages:

  • You don’t need to recruit additional staff.
  • You don’t need to audit their work and keep under control that all merchandisers have the right documents for admission to a workplace.
  • You will have additional channels of communication with shop-assistants and store’s administration. This will help to increase sales of your goods.
  • The advantageous presentation of products on the shelves will not only help you to sell better, but also will have a positive impact on the image of your company.
  • In addition to the merchandising services we carry variety of BTL-events (tastings, distribution of samples, leaflets, conducting promotions), placement of the POS-materials. We also can produce for you leaflets, booklets, calendars and other printing products.


We always make advances to our clients and take into account all their wishes.
We would be glad to see you as our partner!

Marketing support

Years of experience have enabled us to develop standards that can satisfy even the most demanding needs of our partners.
«Dobrada» company it’s a team of professionals. We constantly develop and we are ready to help to develop our partners. That is why we can carry out the following marketing and information support for our partners:

  • analysis of competitive activity of suppliers in the Belarusian advertising market (transport, TV, outdoor advertising, print media);
  • development of tactics and strategy of an advertising campaign;
  • conducting trade-marketing activities and events, etc.