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During the period of our work «Dobrada» company has gained a reputation of a competent and reliable partner at the organization of cargo transportation. Today we are not only a team of professionals but also a team of soulmates who have a lot of experience that allows us to develop the best transport solution for each case individually. High efficiency and stability in operation, efficiency in solving problems have been achieved due to the coordination and discipline of our team experts.

We would be glad to see you among our customers!


«Dobrada» LLC has its own warehouses with total area of 20 000 m2. There are 5 warehouses in regional centers: Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Grodno, Mogilev. There is a railway access to the territory of the warehouse complex in Minsk, located 3 lifting cranes.

«Dobrada» company is opened for cooperation! Choosing us as your logistic partner you will significantly reduce expenditures of maintaining of your own warehouse and staff. The advantageous geographical location (AG Kalodzishchi), having own railway line and modern equipment enables us to organize the work of warehouse efficiently. Highly-skilled staff ensures uninterrupted work of the warehouse which in turn allows customers to organize their work effectively.

«Dobrada» company offers the following warehouse services:

  1. Handling: car and train, container-trailers.
  2. Storage and keeping the goods in specialized accounting system.
  3. Provide necessary warehouse handling of goods - repackaging, labeling, etc.
  4. Providing of the entire spectrum of information flows necessary to provide clear and transparent organization of work with the bailor.
  5. Provide cross-docking scheme:
  • wagon-truck;
  • truck-wagon;
  • truck-truck.

Railway line

Own railway tracks

Convenient location - 10 km from Minsk

Loading and unloading cranes