Distribution and production of food

Production of vegetable oils

In March 2012 our company launched a department of bottling of vegetable oil and the first bottle of «Olivia Mix» oil was produced. From that moment an olive direction began. It's no wonder that the olive oil takes the leading position among food products on the content of monounsaturated fats. It fully preserves vitamins, flavor and aroma of olives, their useful qualities.

That is why we have developed a unique recipe and created 3 own brands of sunflower oil with different content of olive oil: «Amado» - the lowest  content of olive oil (great for cooking), «Olivia Mix» - a perfect blend of sunflower and olive oils (perfect for salads), «El Olivo» - 100% olive oil available for each user.

Packaging of cereals

In December 2009 the packaging department of cereals and pasta was launched. The first pack of cereals was under the brand «Suvorovskaya kasha» Why cereals? It is a great source of energy and nutrients – they are rich in vitamins, carbohydrates and other nutrients. Each type of cereal has its own set of useful qualities and that is why they are so well represented in our product line.

Today the department produces five own brands (Суворовская каша, Columb, Dobrada, etc.) and that is more than 35 SKU. In 2014 was also implemented HACCP security system at the department.

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